Sweet and tangy potato shreds

Easy Food Recipes and Cooking - Sweet and tangy potato shreds

Sweet and tangy potato shreds

Serves 8
150g chana dhal (Bengal gram or split yellow peas), soaked overnight in cold water
1kg potatoes, such as Maris Piper, peeled, coarsely grated
vegetable oil, for deep frying
3 tbsp unsalted cashew nuts or peanuts (skinned)
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp fennel seeds
½ tsp turmeric
1½ tbsp caster sugar, plus extra to taste
2 fresh green chillies, finely chopped with seeds
2 tbsp raisins
juice of 1–2 limes

Sweet and tangy potato shreds

1. Drain the chana dhal and pat dry with kitchen paper. Spread out on a tray lined with a clean tea towel
(or more kitchen paper) and leave on one side.

2. Soak the prepared potatoes in salted water for 20 minutes. Drain, use your hands to squeeze out any
excess moisture, then pat dry with kitchen paper.

3. Two-thirds fill a large, deep-sided sturdy pan with vegetable oil and place over a medium heat. Test it’s
hot enough by dropping in a piece of potato; it should sizzle and turn golden in about 20 seconds. (Or use a
deep-fat fryer heated to 180C.) Deepfry the potatoes in batches until crisp and golden. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper. Season with ½ teaspoon of salt and set aside.

4. Using the same oil, fry the chana dhal in batches for about 3–4 minutes, or until they rise to the surface and turn a shade darker. Drain on kitchen paper, and add to the fried potatoes.

5. Heat a heavy-based frying pan over a low-medium heat. Add the cashew nuts or peanuts and fry for
3–5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until lightly toasted. Add the sesame seeds and fennel seeds and cook for
2–3 minutes, stirring all the time.

6. Remove from the heat and stir in the turmeric, followed by the sugar, ½ teaspoon of salt, the chillies and the raisins, then mix with the potatoes and lentils. Add plenty of lime juice to give a sweet-sour flavour (you may need to add more sugar and salt at this stage to balance the flavour). Serve at room temperature in small bowls as a snack.