Syrniki (Russian Sweet Cheese Pancakes)

Easy Food Recipes And Cooking - Syrniki (Russian Sweet Cheese Pancakes)
Makes 30 Pancakes
Syrniki (Russian Sweet Cheese Pancakes)

2 1/2 lb. whole milk ricotta, drained in a sieve over-night
1 1/2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup sugar
3 eggs, lightly beaten
2/3 cup golden raisins
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 cup olive oil, for brushing

Mix ricotta and lemon juice in a bowl; set aside 5 minutes. In another bowl, whisk sugar and eggs until fluffy; stir in ricotta mixture and raisins. Slowly stir ml cup flour until a sticky dough forms, set aside. Place remain-ing flour on a plate. Using wet hands, form dough into thirty 2" patties about 1/2" thick. Heat a 12" non-stick skillet over medium heat. Work-ing in 4 batches, brush skillet with 1 tbsp. oil each time. Dredge rounds lightly in flour; fry, flipping once, until golden brown and firm, 4-6 minutes.