Traditional boiled Lobster and how to determining fully cooked Lobsters

Traditional Boiled Lobster

Traditional boiled Lobster and how to determining fully cooked LobstersTo get the skinny on how to manage cooking one of those squirming green arthropods, we went to the source - Clearwater Seafood, whose Produce Road operation keeps them squirming until they are ready for our tables. Here is their advice on how to easily cook a whole lobster 

Bring at least a half-gallon of water per pound of lobster to a rolling boil in a very large pot if it is a 2-pounder. use a gallon of water.

Add in four tablespoons of sea salt per half gallon of water - that's a half-cup for a 2-pounder.

Carefully drop the lobsters, one at a time, headfirst into the water; Return the water to a boil, and then start timing:
1 lb. = 12-15 min
1,5 lbs. = 15-20 min
2-3 lbs. = 20-25 min

Determining fully cooked Lobsters:

  • Lobsters will turn their characteristic bright red color well before the meat is thoroughly cooked inside.
  • Tug on an antennae or pull off one of the small walking legs. They both will come off easily when the lobster is done.
  • The meat inside will be firm, white and opaque.
  • The tomalley which fills much of the body cavity. will be green.
  • The roe in female lobsters will be bright red and firm. If it is a dark greenish black, with an oily tar-like consistency, the lobster is undercooked.
  • The internal temperature will be 180 degrees.
  • If the lobsters will not be eaten right away, they must be cooled quickly in ice water Drain the chilled lobsters, cover and keep refrigerated.You can keep cooked lobsters in your refrigerator for one or two days.