Italian Meatball Melts

Easy Food Recipes and Cooking - Italian Meatball Melts

Italian Meatball Melts

Serves 1
minced beef and pork 150g
onion 1/2 small, grated
garlic clove 1/2, crushed
parmesan 1/2 tbsp, grated
chilli flakes a pinch
salt and pepper to season
basil 1 tbsp + extra to serve
ciabatta roll 1, halved and toasted
mozzarella a handful, grated
rocket a handful, to serve

Tomato Sauce
garlic clove 1/2, sliced
olive oil 1 tbsp
tomatoes 100g, chopped
chilli flakes a pinch
sugar 1/2 tsp
Put the first five ingredients in a bowl. Season to taste and mix together with your hands. Form into 4  meatballs. Fry in a large pan until browned all over, about 10-15 minutes.

To make the sauce, sizzle the sliced garlic in the olive oil and tip in the tomatoes, chilli flakes and sugar. Simmer until thickened.

Stir the meatballs into the sauce with chopped basil and 2 tbsp water and simmer for 10 minutes. To serve,  pile rocket and meatballs onto the ciabatta bottom and top with a layer of grated mozzarella. Flash under a  grill to melt the cheese then add a few more basil leaves, put the top on and serve.