Camel meat burger

Easy Food Recipes and Cooking - Camel meat burger

Camel meat burger

Serves 4
100g raw papaya
A pinch of salt
800g camel meat, minced (available in select supermarkets)
80g cumin powder
40g coriander powder
40g harissa paste
4 burger buns
3-4 tbsp mayonnaise
200g iceberg lettuce
200g tomato, sliced
40g halloumi cheese, grilled
40g mustard
200g onions, fried
40g jalapenos

200g chickpeas
4l milk
30ml lemon juice
Flour, to coat the fritters

Camel meat burger

1. Peel the papaya, and place in a saucepan with enough water to cover it. Add salt and cook until the papaya is softened. Blend to make a purée and set aside.

2. Add the spices, harissa paste and papaya purée to the camel mince, and mix well. Set aside for 30 mins and form into a burger patty.

3. Sear the patty in a flat pan for 1-2 mins and finish off in the oven for 6-10 mins.

4. To make the chickpea fitters, soak chickpeas in water overnight. Drain the water, then boil in milk, till completely cooked. Once the chickpeas are cooked and the milk is absorbed, blend well. Place the mixture on a flat tray and refrigerate. After it has cooled down, cut into baton shapes, and pat sprinkled flour over them before deep frying.

5. Cut the burger bun in half and grill for a few seconds.

6. On the bottom half of the bun, spread mayonnaise, then place lettuce, sliced tomatoes, grilled halloumi and the patty. Spread some mustard on the patty and top with crispy fried onions and jalapenos. Serve with the chickpea fritters on the side.