Passionfruit and citronella jelly

Easy Food Recipes and Cooking - Passionfruit and citronella jelly

Passionfruit and citronella jelly

Serves 4
fresh passionfruit 60g, seeds and juice

pandan leaves 60g
lemon leaves 20g
lemongrass 60g, tough outer layers removed, chopped
water 600ml
sugar 75g
agar agar 1g
gelatin 3g

Boil the pandan leaves, lemon leaves and lemongrass in water for 90 minutes, covered.

Strain the mixture to retain only the liquid and add the sugar, agar agar and gelatin. Stir well and strain again  through a fine sieve to avoid any lumps.

Pour the mixture into a tray and refrigerate overnight.

To serve, cut the jelly into cubes and place in chilled serving bowls. Top up with fresh passionfruit.