Quark and peach mousse

Easy Food Recipes and Cooking - Quark and peach mousse

Quark and peach mousse

Serves 4
- low-fat cream 300g, chilled
- powdered sugar 50g
- fresh peaches 500g, halved, skinned and diced (Alternatively you can use Del Monte’s tinned peach  available at gourmet stores)
- pistachios 25g, sliced

Make quark cheese at home by following the recipe on p 146. Place the quark, cream and sugar in a large bowl. With an electric hand beater, whip on high speed until thick and mousse-like, about 5 minutes. Adjust sugar if required.

Layer the bottoms of 4 glasses with chopped peaches and a sprinkling of pistachios. Divide half the mousse  between the glasses. Layer with chopped peaches and pistachios.

Dollop the remaining mousse between the glasses. Top with a few pieces of chopped peaches and slivered pistachios.