Yam Som O Gai (pomelo and chicken salad)

Easy Food Recipes and Cooking - Yam Som O Gai (pomelo and chicken salad)

Yam Som O Gai (pomelo and chicken salad)

Serves 2
pomelo or grapefruit 2-4 pieces, peeled and de-veined
chicken breasts 2, cooked and shredded
cashewnuts 2, roasted and crushed
dried shrimp or shrimp powder 4 pieces, chopped
coconut 2 tbsp, grated

lime juice 2 tbsp
fish sauce 2 tbsp (try Ayam available at gourmet stores)
palm sugar 2 tbsp
Thai sweet chilli paste 2 tbsp (try Real Thai available at gourmet stores)

red chillies 2, deep-fried
shallots 2-4, deep-fried
kaffir lime leaves 2, julienned
mint a few sprigs
lettuce leaves a few

Remove the outer skin of the pomelo and place the plump kernels on a plate. Prepare the sweet chilli sauce  by mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl. Stir well.

Add the chicken, cashewnuts, dried shrimp and grated coconut. Add the pomelo and mix well. Place the  pomelo salad on a plate. Top with red chillies, shallots and kaffi r lime leaves. Garnish with the mint and  lettuce leaves.